Wednesday, 11 December 2013

First snow, nothing to do video

Had free day and nothing to do so came up with this.

Shot with 5d mark III, magic lantern raw.
I fillmed in 5x crop mode and with my Computerbay 32Gb 1000x card i could get 2 560 x 960 25 fps almoust continious.

About each shot.
1. Was shot in dual iso mode (200/800) and came out pritty good. 
Lens Zenitar M 1.7/50

2., 4., 6. Iso 160
Lens ALPEX 2.8/135 - I thought the picture will be unusuable, but when i saw it on my computer i liked the soft/desatured look of image.

3. Iso160
Lens Zenitar M 1.7/50

5. Iso 160
Lens Carl zeiss jenna flektagon 4/20
I have this lens with exacta mount (exacta-eos adapter), but unfortunately i can't focuss to infinity, but really really close, what you can see in the shot.

Camera was moundet on some shitty tripod, who is not anymore holding togeather.
I am thinking now to purchase the velbon dv-7000 becaouse of pirce, size and weight.

What you think about that tripod as for traveling?

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

TSC Coffin Backpack review

I have not written here for some while, because of summer, busy time for me, but now i am sick have nothing to do and have some reviews in my mind.

So The Shadow conspiracy coffin backpack.

I will start with the PROS
- Good looking for so big backpack
- Lot of space
In the picture you see my backpack packed with two deadolights with tripods, my sony nex5, sony handycam, dictaphone, light filters, 0,5 waterbotle and some small things. There even was space for my 16 inch laptop. 

- Of course laptop sleeve, love it

Biggest one is that bag cant handle weight what is possible to put there inside.
After some 4-5 months off using bag

Ater 7 months
No more waterproof

No more cons.

All and all i love this bag, because it is handy for me as a bike rider, cameraman and student. Only it is not enough durable for me. If it would held at least year it would be my favorite bag.

Hope in new TSC night shift backpack is avoided those cons, but new backpack is not so good looking, at least in pictures.


Soon will be smth more about JTL mixtape nr.2..... and hubguard review

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Some new photos

Sony NEX 5 with soviet 1000mm mirror lense MC MTO - 11

sonyh nex 5 with helious 44-2
Nature 2

playing with lights
flashin light JTL MF

flashin light

flashin light

Did test smth i dont know what but wen i imported pictures found this one and loved it

Richards B. shoe attack :D
richard b. shoe attack

Tilt shift attempt

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

First work on Final cut studio

This is my first work on MAC final cut studio. Cuted in Final cut pro and did some small color corections in color.

Problems who i got and some TIPs.

First one was that wen i instal FCS mac asked me for admin password, and because mac was not mine i stuck on that firstly.

second problem was that FCS nether FCP or compressor did not liked my AVCHD mts files, so i fixed this problem instaling Adobe Premiere cs4 and Adobe media encouder. IF you have a media encouder on mac than you are able to encoud .mts in apple pro res and work on FCP.

Spacebar problem you can read here FCP spacebar bug

Had some problems with timelines but those maybe where because i am not used to FCP

Compering working with Adobe premiere on two times better processor on mac with apple pro res working was much more faster, only rendering titles (texts) was slow did not understand that...

Color not that easy as on Adobe but final product is good will try to use to it.

All and all FCP > Adobe Premiere

if you have some questions ask them
hope this article helped you.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Final cut pro space bar bug

I got this problem with FCP spacebar did not worked, timeline did not starrted to play when i pushed spacebar. And there is really easy how to fix it! if you are not from States you need to changer your language under language settings to US and space bar then is working! :)

hope that this helped to someone.


Friday, 6 May 2011

Jelgava students CAPITAL in 3 parts

So i should make for school 3 commercials about my home town Jelgava so here they are cheers

Part 1 studying in Jelgava

Part 2 The Town

Part 3 Night life

So would you come to my hometown? :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

April MUST SEE BMX videos

BAKER'S DOZEN: Corey Martinez

Martinez!! Do you need to know smth else? just enjoy.

Edwin Delarosa from Animal Cuts

Second street legend edit.

Brad Simms TCU Alienation Edit

Doing b hops over you mate!!! one of living legends?

Lahsaan Kobza - Welcome to the Pro Team

Funny video begining, good stuff from subrosa rider. R.P.

Lahsaan Kobza - Welcome to the Pro Team from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Shane Weston Hoop Dreams

sick backward moves!! fakie nothing, no foot can can etc.

Tuesdays With Miles-Qualcom

Go to Tuesdays With Miles for more videos.

Chase D.

Dan's Comp Pro Team: Chase Dehart - More BMX Videos

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Did a design for MENTALbmx SKIN from KIN leaves

This is a sneak peak soon will be in

Uztaisiju MENTALbmx skinu mobilajiem, kuru drīzumā varēs iekert
bus arī PARBMX skins

skins pasarga jūsu mobīlo no skrāpējumiem un ļauj atšķirties no citiem.

mental skin

mental skin

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sony nex 5 fisheye test

Got fisheye and here are some test first shots and footage.

Arturs L. Turndown to fakie

Edgars R. barspin to flat

Richards B. smth

Elvis S. 180

Richards B. smth